lojistik hizmetlere konulacak resim

Logistics Services

* Domestic and abroad, our own goods and rental vehicles with quality service,

* Collateralized transportation, partial transportation, complex transportation services in domestic transportation,

* Complementary service in collaterals in internal customs.

Customs Clearance Services

* By providing TR / T1 / T2 / TRANSIT Documents (Foreign license plate, Inland customs, Turkish license plate)

* TIR Carnet, TR / T1 / TRANSIT Registration services,

* Importation of sea, Groupage, Notification of arrival, order receipt of orders,

We also provide import and export declaration services through our partners.

Why Us?

We, as our company, have Customs Consultant Assistants in order to represent you competently in customs. We serve as the only organization that offers this service in the Bursa region.